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Bridging the Gap With Elders

Bridging the Gap With Elders

At this powerful time of change that some call the “tipping point” on earth, we are denying some historical, valuable lessons.  We are marginalizing our elders.   Too often, we deny  their  presence and hard-won gifts of wisdom and experience that our elders can bring, both to the individual and collective.

Instead, we turn to leaders whose life experience has not been tested by the “fires of life”.  We turn to those that appear to have been seduced by short term goals and the promises of technology to determine our future.  We turn to authority for important decisions for our future, who have bought into the illusion of the mind and it’s knowledge, bypassing the wisdom of the Heart, Intuition and the Soul.

For me, some the essential topics I am interested in bridging the gap between the generations are:

1) The role of intimacy in healing our lives and our relationships

2) The need for earth-based wisdom in navigating the challenges of our time

3) The value of being who you were born to be

4) The value of Divine connection and surrender

5) The need to claim our spiritual voices and heal the soul of the world

6) The path of eliminating our illusions about God

7) The difference between dying and walking on

8) The difference between believing and knowing

9) The value of finding peace with and celebrating aging

I would like to address each of these topics in future blogs.

For years and centuries now, indigenous tribes have honored and listened to their elders.  Is it time on earth when mankind is evolving, changing and creating a new earth , that we listen to our elders.

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