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Hawaiian Healing Vacations

Physical Healing, Relationship Healing, Ho'opono'pono.

Hawaiian Cultural Excursions

Join Jane on her inner & outdoor excursions to use the land to help you find what you’re looking for. Experience the true beauty and healing nature of Hawaii by exploring its lands.

We often live ours lives separate and detached from nature when in actuality we are part of nature.  Excursions on Kauai include nature reconnection exercises designed to help us feel our connection to nature and our connection to all things, seen and unseen.

Hawaiians have long believed in the healing properties of their land. Enable your healing process on an excursion by visiting sacred spaces and accessing the spirits of the land.

Customized to each person’s needs, you will work with Jane to create an experience to actuate your intention with a blessing from the spirits & natural spaces of Kauai.


  • 30 minute consultation to set your intention around a theme such as renewal, memories, death, wellbeing, self-worth, celebration

  • 2-4 hour excursion on the land

  • Hawaiian protocol (traditional hawaiian cultural practices)

  • Nature connection & awareness exercises

Our outdoor excursion with Jane on Kauai was the highlight of our vacation.  Our hearts were opened with the Hawaiian chanting, and our healing intention has become actualized since our return home.  We are grateful to Jane for this rare experience of connecting and feeling supported by nature.

Grains Family, New Mexico

“It’s not about resting in comfort, it’s about expanding and adding your love to that person to be the greatest that they can be.”

Jane Winter, M.A.MFCC

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Adventure. Healing. Personal Growth.

Physical Healing, Relationship Healing, Ho'opono'pono.