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Join Me For

Awaken to Possibility

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m HT
The Tea Room at the Gallery
Kinipopo Shopping Center

Aloha all,

I am so excited to have been guided to give a free talk on Kauai. I have been getting downloaded with lots of new material I am excited to share, especially with Kauai folks since I have been traveling and doing lot of teaching on the road.

In this talk we will do a simple and profound writing exercise that will show you what life perspective you have been creating your life from, and how to shift that perspective to a deeper, more heartfelt way of creating.

See more information below.  Download the pdf flyer here.

I will be offering free core perspective evaluations, 10-15 minute sessions to evaluate where you are in your life and what it will take to get you back into the flow of having the life of your dreams. For Kauai folks, I will have a sign up sheet at the event.

For those of you not living on Kauai, we can do telephone or Skype sessions.  If your are interested in a free core perspective evaluations, contact me with your name, phone number or Skype name and times you are available for the session.

Excited for this opportunity to serve and transform our world and your lives.