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Graceful Aging

I am putting on an an Aging Gracefully Interactive Video Class.

People say to me, you are 75, why aren’t you retired? Isn’t it time to fold up your tent? Don’t you yearn to retire?

To answer these questions, I am writing about the process that called me to put on a video class on graceful aging when I have never done this before.

My inspiration came from a “calling” while I was meditating.

I have been meditating for one hour for about 8 months now, and from that practice guidance speaks to me loudly. I had noticed that in life I was irritated by the conversations I was hearing from many older women. These conversations mostly consisted of complaining about the pain and losses of aging.

I was shocked that I wasn’t hearing many women expressing the “gifts of aging” and some of the assets that the process of aging brings; like knowing who you are, and why you are here, and not caring so much about what others think.

Learning to listen and live from the “internal guidance” that is always there for us… learning to live from your Heart and not your Mind so you can hear and follow your Soul.

So, one day while meditating, I was guided to put on a class to help point out the strengths and the “grace of aging” and stop the suffering that people encounter from the old paradigm that most of the world lives from.

One of my “learnings” as an elder is that when the universe guides me, I listen. So I said yes and from there an explosion of support came forward. The first miracle that happened is explained below.

At the Kyle Cease (a transformation leader) event, we did an exercise called “kallego” (a process where you go back in time and create a vision of how you would have wanted things to turn out.)

From the exercise, I had a break-through, and met Mary.

As I spoke and created the vision of presenting a teleconference on “aging gracefully”, my consideration was not having the technological savvy (The How) to put the conference on. Mary said to me, “I can help you with that. It’s what I do for work!”

Out of 1400 participants, the universe hooked me up with the perfect person and we are well on our way to the birthing of “Graceful Aging: How to Make Your Last Years the Best Years of Your Life”. (Coming in 8 more weeks.)

The universe has brought me all the support I need, and I am growing, expanding, and learning lot of new things.

Because I had never done a teleconference before, I literally let myself be blocked by the “how” of the process and almost missed this opportunity to express my heart’s passionate desire.

I wanted to share my inspiration with you…for you to see where you have been letting the” how” of your inspirations stop, your dreams. Most of us have inspirations come in all day long, but of course the mind comes in to tell us the reason why we cannot do that which kills our dreams.

What if we could live our lives from our inner guidance, from the great mystery where we  “light up” about life? What if we truly listened and followed our guidance and didn’t let the “hows” in life and the mind’s reasons kill our dreams?

I learned a long time ago that contraction and holding yourself down causes aging. When we leap, and expand into the unknown, we grow, lighten up and are fulfilled and inspired.

It is time for us to choose the correct paradigm from which to live our lives….checking our “messages” and following our guidance which can transform “regular” living to “living the life of our dreams”.

Please check out this link if you are curious about my teleconference: Graceful Aging: How to Have the Last Years Be the Best Years.

Read more / Register for the Aging Gracefully Class here

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